Municipal Election Day: October 22, 2018

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For the 2018 election I decided not to distribute paper/print materials. In past elections these flyers have become litter in the Ward.  What I am doing this year is doorknocking and distributing magnets to people I meet.  If you want to have a conversation with me please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

I love what I do as your Ward Councillor and value your support to continue.


Some Recent Election Topics: 

1.Federal Election: I will not be seeking higher office in the upcoming Federal Election.  I don't think I am well suited to partisan politics. 2015 was the only time I have ever allowed my name to stand in 12 years of serving as a Councillor. During the federal campaign I took 30 days of unpaid leave and only missed 3 Council meetings.
As well, I like what I do, working as an Engineer with a local Architect and serving as a Councillor. I want to stay in Waterloo. I have made this clear to local Federal and Provincial riding associations.

2. Water Rates and Taxes: Water Rates and Taxes

3. Questions and Answers on the Campaign Trail: Questions and Answers













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