Comprehensive By-Law Review comments due on the 1st draft to the City before July 1, 2016. More information provided under "issues" section


Some suggestions on how to enjoy the Spring and Summer in Waterloo: 

1. Support Uptown Merchants for shopping during LRT Build: Events in Uptown Waterloo are planned for the 2016 season.  Plan to participate and keep our Uptown strong and vibrant check out: http://uptownwaterloobia.com/

2. Participate: Neighbourhoods are the corner stones to building a strong and caring community.  Get involved, talk to your neighbours. There is a Colonial Acres Facebook group and a busy Eastbridge Association. http://eastbridge.info/.  

3. Explore: The changing seasons in Canada is something that makes our country special.  Find out what is happening around our Region at http://www.explorewaterlooregion.com/.  

ION Construction Updates:  Day-to-Day information is located at the ION project website:http://www.rideion.ca/construction-updates.html

Want to know what is happing in Waterloo Region? Check out http://grandsocial.ca/












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